The 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC (2013) showed that climate change, together with the changes in weather patterns (changes in variability and extremes) and air quality (anthropogenic pollution) will lead to a strong increase in social-economic costs. Sectors such as agriculture, (re)insurance, energy, renewable energy, infrastructure (buildings and transport), tourism, water, health and ecosystems will be affected by a changing environment and could disrupt your business performance.


Based on our background and knowledge gained in industry and science, the company provides high quality customer-oriented services in the following domains:


  • Meteorological modelling
  • Agrometeorology (optimizing irrigation, drought and evapotranspiration assessments)
  • Air quality modelling
  • Wind atlas/resource assessment
  • Solar atlas/resource assessment
  • Hindcasting, short-term forecasting (a few days ahead) seasonal and long-term scenarios (up to the year 2100)
  • High resolution and regional scale modelling
  • Statistical downscaling
  • Climate change scenarios (RCPs)
  • Renewable energy (solar and wind)
  • Oceanic products
  • Project management
  • Text editing and translations